The IC chip and RF currently have became the most important application technologies and been rapidly developed.  More than a science in the lab, the technology has been closely linked with our ordinary life and make dramatically changes to our daily life.  The development of these technologies has far beyond what we could expect before.

    1.     National Healthcare IC card,FISC II ATM card
    2.     Metropolitan wireless networks
    3.     New products for smart home application

Avance Technology positions itself as a Smart Solution Integrator by smart chip and wireless technology.  The state of arts technology from our partners, together with localized middleware design, Avance provides a advanced, safe and demand-driven solution with proven records to customers. 

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) is a identification mechanism by using tiny IC tag.  The tag is able to identify people and data with a similar technology to IC smart card. Combining with reader and writer, data can be read or written on the tag from a remote site.  Because of the fast development of the Internet and cost down of the tag, this RF technology might have opportunity to replace traditional barcode technology.   The application of RFID is so wide including access control, healthcare system, transportation, logistics system, fare collection system, biometrics area, etc.  Avance’s RFID solutions including access control, baggage system, document tracing system, logistics system and ticking system, etc.  Avance is one of few local companies who have implementation experience in RFID field.  Please refer to our case study.

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